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Hot and Cold Plastic Mixer


It is used in mixing, drying, coloring and other processing of all kinds of materials in plastics, rubber, daily chemical and other industries.

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The technique of two layers of sealing is adopted in its pot cover. It has self-friction heating modes.

The discharging mode adopt the temperature-automatic control and the manual control.

Its blades are made of stainless steel.

They passed the test of dynamic balance and static equilibrium.

Its electric control section adopts famous control components and temperature-control meters.


Model Total volume  Effective volume  Blade rotate speed  Motor power  Water consumption Heating method Mixing time Cooling time 
SRL 200/500 150/320 475/950/130 30/42/11 5t/h electric/self friction 6-10 min/time  6-8 min/time
SRL 300/600 225/380 475/950/130 40/55/11 5.8t/h electric/self friction 6-10 min/time  6-8 min/time
SRL 500/1000 375/640 500/1000/130 55/75/15 5.8t/h electric/self friction 6-10 min/time  6-8 min/time
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