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PVC Mill Machine/Pulverizer


Principle of plastic pulverizer (PE pulverizer, pvc pulverizer, high speed plastic pulverizer) you can add s k y p e: longchangjiemachine to talk details
The material feed into the machine at a regular velocity from the station disc, then with the force of centrifuge force formed by feeding leaf and the rotation of moving disc, by the function of compacting and shearing of the two disc, the material is thrown to the outsides girt gear, and the fine material discharge from the machine.

Feature of plastic pulverizer
1. Small sectional area, and the grinding tooth-plate is vertical installed, so the material can pass through to the grind area at highest speed, no super-grind, the temperature won't rise.
2. High grind line-speed, compact in construction, minimum amount of the floor space.
3. Control the particle size by adjusting the gap of the tooth-plate.
4. High quality, used in neg. Press operation process and normal press operation process.
5. The machine running balance, large capacity, easy to operating and fixing.

Applications of plastic pulverizer
The shearing cutting mill is applicable to pulverization of semi-hard, anti-compacting and thermal sensitivity substance under grade 3. It widely used in chemical, mining, synthetically, plastically, rubber industry. This machine has 2 different ways of grinding according to the character of the material, one is normal way, another is deep cold way.


Model Motor power(KW) Fans power(KW) Vibration power(KW) Feed power(KW) Output (Kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
MF-250 7.5 1.5 1.1 0.55 50-120 1500×800×2800 1100
MF-350 22 3 1.1 0.55 120-200 1700×1500×3700 1200
MF-450 37 4 1.5 0.55 180-300 1800×1600×3800 1600
MF-550 45 5.5 1.5 0.75 260-400 1900×1700×3900 2200
MF -650 55 5.5 2.2 0.75 430-550 2000×1800×4000 2700
MF-800 75 7.5 2.2 1.1 550-680 2300×1900×4100 3500
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