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Plastic Pipe Welding Machine


★ Suitable for all specifications PE, HDPE, PP and other plastic pipe butt fusion welding range.
★ fixture with the operating system separately, easy-laying operation.
★ by the operating platform (hydraulic and electrical), fixtures, heating plate and milling cutter.
★ hydraulic hoses and quick connectors for welding work more convenient and flexible.
★ rack made of high strength aluminum alloy, solid structure, 45 ° tilt design.
★ fixture with four-card set structure to precisely position pipes, easy to adjust margins.
★ hydraulic system control relay, accurate, stable pressure.
★ heating plate stand-alone electronic temperature control system, precise and intuitive digital display.
★ electric cutter, safety limit switch to prevent accidental activation of the cutter.
★ The solenoid valve electric control (cylinder retreat), easier to operate.

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